The Ultimate Vegan Challenge

Oh hello there friends!

In case you’re wondering yes, I did pass the ultimate vegan challenge!

I went out for dinner with my non-vegan friends to a non-vegan restaurant.

So a bit of a back story – I never go out for dinner (as vegan or as a meat eater), in all honesty I can’t even remember the last time I had a meal that wasn’t prepared by me. It’s just not my thing. Even on road trips I’ve always prepared my lunch and snacks the night before. I still eat chips after a night out, while everyone is having kebabs and I still go out for coffee every now and then, I’m not that extreme but I rather know exactly what I am eating and that way I have an excuse to learn and improve my cooking skills, so it’s a win/win situation.

So going out as a vegan with meat-eater friends to a place where everything has either meat, bacon or some kind of cheese was my ultimate vegan challenge.

I checked their menu in advance because I like to be prepared so when we arrived I knew I wanted their Vegetarian Spaghetti but without the cream sauce and they were actually happy to make it with olive oil instead which made me feel extremely welcome (I don’t know if they were that happy because we’ve known each other for a couple of years now but they were happy!). Everything goes smoothly until they bring the plate to the table and there’s a pile of parmesan on top of my spaghetti and broccoli! My first reaction was something like this “*gasps* Oh no! Is that cheese?” my friends quickly asked the waiter to replace my plate because I wasn’t having any cheese which is really nice because I don’t like to bother people so I’m sure that if I was by myself I would probably just try to eat the small portion of spaghetti that didn’t have any cheese on it.

The waiter came back with a new plate of spaghetti (without any cheese or cream sauce!) and it all turned out well in the end.

For me this was my ultimate challenge as a vegan because I am always the kind of person who asks what’s on the menu and I barely make eye contact when ordering something at the counter but this made me realise that I don’t have to be like that and it’s awesome!

Today I’m going out for an afternoon tea and in case you’re wondering I’m super chill because I did it once so I can do it again.


Hearts and Hugs,


diary entries #2


These last days have been incredible hard. For months I believed I was free but lately I’ve been feeling hopeless as if the dark clouds never left. Just like the weather lately, I’ve only seen the Sun for mere seconds the past few days.

I guess what really triggered me was the death of a young artist, Lil Peep. You may ask, am I even a fan? Not really. Am I heartbroken? Truly heartbroken.

A friend of mine was Lil Peep’s number 1 fan, and seeing him so sad and hopeless about his death made me curious about who the hell this guy was.  So I did some digging. I googled him, he had just turned 21 a couple of weeks ago, I listened to his music and after that I didn’t know how to cope anymore. In 3 minutes this dude managed to break down all my coping mechanisms. It felt like my heart was ripped out from my chest together with my spine and I was left to die.

I just couldn’t believe a guy almost the same age as me had died, and no one helped him or stopped him when he was clearly screaming for help in every single song he put out to the world. He was struggling, from drug addiction to clear mental illness and suicidal impulses, this dude was begging us all for help and we let him die.

Maybe I’m being a little bit over dramatic but I don’t think I am because he was one of many, the only difference was that he was on the spotlight.

It’s sad to me that people have to die for drug addiction and mental illness for us to comment about it. It’s sad that there’s still people out there who think it’s easy for those who are still here to continue to live their lives as if nothing happened.

The key element is not to feel sad and morn the ones who left us, the key is to prevent any of this from happening in the first place. It’s about making people aware and talk about it without a drop of shame.

Sometimes shit happens and that’s ok! Because, trust me, there is always options even when it seems like there is none.


Be kind to yourself, check on your friends and make sure they are being kind to themselves too.

To those who have lost someone, to those who might be going through this, to those who loved Lil Peep – I hope your hearts don’t feel as heavy today as they felt yesterday.

(Feel free to message me if you need to talk to someone.)


Hearts and hugs


Remember when

Remember when I wanted to write on the blog more often? Yep, me too.

This last week has been hectic!

I have been insanely busy but in a good way, you know? Busy but good busy.

Besides being busy I also mastered the art of screwing up first impressions. Yeah, you read it right, so here’s how it happen: I got my first real job and 4 hours into my first ever shift I managed to try to catch a glass of wine with another glass of wine.

Conclusion: I almost sliced my pinky in half but it’s ok, the finger it’s still here even though it’s glued together.

In other news… I reconnected with an old friend! It makes me feel so nostalgic but also so glad to be older now and laugh at all our adventures together. And I made a new friend! It’s awesome to have new vibes around me.


Hearts and hugs


FashionYou! VS Pureple

Oh hello there friends!

Today is going to be about fashion. Yes fashion enthusiasts, today is your day!

The idea for this post came after watching Safiya Nygaard’s latest video where she left an app choose her outfits.

Imagine my surprise when the app – Pureple –  is only available for iPhones, I know right? Shook.

I did some digging and found this other app – FashionYou! – available for Android.

I decided to download both. I got FashionYou! on my phone and Pureple on my mom’s. So far the apps seems very alike, they both let you add your own photos and have different folders for the different types of clothes.

With FashioYou! I noticed that it only detects black clothes. For example, I have a red shirt that showed up as a green shirt, as many others did. I liked that the categories were already set up and I only had to add the items to where they belonged and that when I’m adding the photo it immediately tells me to choose which season and style the items belongs to.

With Pureple I noticed that first you add the pictures and then you customise them, so add them to categories, season, colour, etc, and it has the option to choose more than one season and category for each items, which is pretty cool! Pureple doesn’t seem to have a Shirts category, which is weird when you think about it because shirts are a common piece of clothing, so I created my own Shirts category.

After a day of playing a little bit with both apps, overall, both have the same goal and I guess they both do the job. If I could download any of them, I would go with Pureple because it is a lot more flexible and I like the aesthetic of the app more than I like FashionYou! don’t get me wrong I like the way FashionYou! already has everything set you for you (the category folders) I just don’t like the colours.

@Pureple, please make your app Android friendly!!

@FashionYou! let us please be more flexible with our categories!!

I’ll continue to use the apps for a couple more days to see if I find they helpful at all and if it’s worth sharing I’ll give you an update soon!

Hearts and hugs


diary entries #1



I spotted her from the corner of my eye.

She wasn’t running but her face had written “in a hurry” all over it.

She was distracting me from the pinks and purple blues that were painting the sky!

She finally stopped right where the white sand of the beach started, facing the sunset. She looked messy. Her hair was messy and if she had make-up on you couldn’t tell. She had a morning look as if she had just got out of bed, even though the morning lights were long gone.

From the pocket of her light grey hoodie she took a single cigarette and lighted it easily even with the wind gently hitting her face she mastered the art of lighting that cigarette.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her and she couldn’t take her eyes off the sunset in front of her, maybe she didn’t want to but even if I wanted to, I couldn’t. I wanted to be her, I wanted to know what she knew and I wanted to see the world through her eyes.

She blinked her eyes for long seconds that seemed like hours to me. 

She was daydreaming and to this day I still dream about her and that late Summer sunset.



What to share and what not to share

Oh hello there friends!

Recently, I’ve been thinking about sharing with you some of my diary entries. I know, I know, diaries are not meant to be shared with anyone else but truth be told, I don’t fear sharing any of my diaries with the world however I fear sharing them with the people close to me, crazy right? It’s always easier to share our most private thoughts with the people we don’t know because there are no attachments or no expectations.

I want to make this blog personal by sharing a bit of what happens in my life, if it means sharing bits of diary entries or random things I like to write or writing about a band or song or topic that has been on my mind a lot.

I don’t intend on having a blog only about vegan recipes and DIYs, I want those things to be a part of what I am sharing with you.

Don’t get me wrong, recipes and DIY are awesome but in full discloser I want to be more than that.

To celebrate this announcement my next post will be more personal.


Hearts and hugs



Vegan Scones & Fruit Salad – Today’s Breakfast

Oh hello there friends!

Today I’m bringing you another recipe – Vegan scones.

The original recipe uses whipping cream but we sure as don’t want that on our vegan scones so we’ll be using coconut cream instead!

What you’ll need for 8/9 scones:

  • Self-rising flour – 2 teacups
  • Coconut cream – 150ml
  • Bubbly/ Sparkling lemonade – 150ml
  • Plant based milk (I used regular soy milk)

Pre-heat the oven at 180ºC.

To start with just mix, using a wooden spoon, the flour, coconut cream and the lemonade in a bowl.

When the mixture starts to have some consistency just mix it for a little bit more and when all the ingredients are perfectly mixed just use your hands to make the shapes you want, I usually just make round shapes, easy peasy. Don’t forget to put a bit of flour so it doesn’t stick to your fingers!

Then put a sheet of greaseproof paper with bit of flour on a baking tray and place your vegan scones a 1cm or so apart from each other.

The last step is to coat them with milk, just a drop of milk on top of each scone and in the oven they go!

They should be ready in 15/20 minutes but everyone’s oven is different so just keep an eye out.


I had them for breakfast with fig jam and fruit salad and it was absolutely yummy!

The fruit salad had mango, strawberries, blueberries and a nectarine.


Hearts and hugs